Principal's Greeting
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Hello! Welcome to our school homepage.

Our school was established in the year of 2005 with the propose of training and developing scientific leaders of the future, and it's in the 10th year.

To raise each student as a well-rounded leader, we have been trying to help students to be creative by thinking and behaving with open mind, ethical by learning how to be conscientious and considerate, partriotic by maintaining a love of nation and its people, and healthy by developing a sound body and spirit.

Despite its short educational history, we are proud of the fact our shcool has been playing a major role in growing the pillar of the country owing to the enthusiastic efforts of the last nine years.

Now we are taking a big leap forward with lofty ideals. More affectionate concern and support from the parents and the community will be a stepping stone to support our school.

Thank you very much.


Principal of Gyeonggibuk Science High School, YOON JAE CHUL