School Symbols
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School precepts

gyeonggibuk science high school precepts

JEOL MUN: to contemplate and inquire into the natures of things with ultimate curiosity

GEUN SA : to arrange and clarify one's own thoughts in consideration of others.

School badge

gyeonggibuk science high school badge

The vertical line at the center of the crest represents a pen, which suggests that Gyeonggibuk Science High School should be a place of seeking after truth and should be open to all talented students. The letter 'S' represents 'Science', the U shpge represents the orbits of electrons and "●"symbolizes the atom's nucleus. The blue background denotes peace and students' uplifted ideals.

School Symbols

Tree of the school:Pine tree
Pine tree are one of the ten traditional symbols of longevity, which represents that the school is a place for etemal progress adn lifelong education.

flower of the shcool:Magnolia
Magnolia is also called "Mokpil", which means"wooden pencil" because it flower resembles a writing brush. This symbolizes the students who continue studying seeking for the truth.

bird of the school: Eagle
Eagles symbolize lofty ideals, frontier spirit, and perseverance to pursue the goals, which represents future-oriented spirit of the students who soar up to the sky for their bright future.