School Facilities
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School Dormitory

  • Dormitory appearance
  • Dormitory inside
  • All the students stay in the school dormitory during the weekdays. Two students share one room which is furnished with a shower, closets, beds, bookshelves, etc.

Physics Lab

  • inventions and equipment
  • CBL
  • Invention Workshop is equipped with a variety of tools to allow the students to make inventions and equipment devices on their own.
  • CBL(Computer-Based Lab) enables the students to process the result of physics experiments with the help of computers.

Chemistry Lab

  • Chemistry Lab
  • organic chemistry experiments
  • Analytic chemistry lab helps the students to perform a variety of advanced experiments by taking advantage of high-end analysis equipment such as ICP(Inductively Coupled Plasma) Optical Emission Spectrometer and GC-MS(Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer).
  • Organic Synthesis Lab provides all the necessary equipments for organic chemistry experiments.

Biology Lab

  • AFM/SEM Lab
  • Cell Culutre Lab
  • Molecular Biology Lab
  • AFM/SEM Lab has a high-performance AFM(Atomic Force Microscope) and SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope).
  • Cell Culture Lab is equipped with clean bench, CO2 incubator, and autoclave, shaking incubator.
  • Molecular Biology Lab provides and equipment to perform experiments on DNA extraction and amplification, electrophoresis.

Earth Science Lab

  • Section Lab
  • Advance Lab
  • he Astronomical Observatory
  • Thin Section Lab enables the students to make thin sections from rocks and observe them.
  • Advance Lab helps to identify chemical elements of solid or liquid samples by using XRF(X-Ray Florescence).
  • The Astronomical Observatory located on the roof enables the students to observe and research the celestial objects.

Other Special Facilities

  • Language Lab

    Language Lab

  • Computer Lab

    Computer Lab

  • Study Room

    Study Room

  • Area fo internet access

    Area fo internet access

  • Library


  • Student locker

    Student locker