Special Programs
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Field Trip to Foreign Universities and Labs

Every year, the first graders go on a field trip to world's best universities and labs in the United States. Through this field trip, students are able to get hands-on experience of highly developed research facilities. Besides, they can broaden their point of view to see world and the field of study they are interested in.

  • Biochemical lab in U.C. Merced

    Biochemical lab in U.C. Merced

  • Femto lab in Caltech

    Femto lab in Caltech

  • Stanford Univ. School of Medicine

    Stanford Univ. School of Medicine

  • Death Valley Museum

    Death Valley Museum

  • Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

  • Lecture in U,C. Irvine

    Lecture in U,C. Irvine

Field Trip for Nature Study

Every year, the first graders make a geological and ecological exploration trip, usually to Jeju Island which is located far south of the Korean peninsula. Students have chances to examine a variety of geological and forms and biological species which cannot be found in the mainland of Korea.

  • Geological exploration

    Geological exploration

  • Tideland experience

    Tideland experience

Science Day Events

Since month of April is science month, all the students participate in diverse events such as science quiz competition, building strong bridge, and star search competition. This year, they had an honor to be given a special lecture by the president of KAIST, Nampyo Seo.

  • Science Quiz Competition

    Science Quiz Competition

  • Building Strong Bridge

    Building Strong Bridge

  • Star Search Competition

    Star Search Competition

Science Symposium

There are various science research activities in December such as R&E(Research and Education) presentation Graduation thesis presentation, Science Research presentation. Students are recommended to make a presentation in English, which is a prerequisite for a 21st century scientist.

  • Research presentation
  •  presentation in English

Morning Exercise Program

A sound mind in a sound body! All the students starts their day with refreshing morning exercises by taking professional lessons.

  • Exercise program, Stretching
  • Exercise program, Basketball
  • Exercise program, table tennis
  • Exercise program, Golf
  • Exercise program, Health
  • Exercise program, Jumping

International Exchange Programs with National Hsin Chu High School in Taiwan

Hsin Chu High in Taiwan and our school have exchanged educational programs for the past 4 years. Many students from both school visit each other's school for about a week to share their cultures and educational programs, which contributes to building a deeper friendship between two schools. Hsin Chu High School is well-known for one of its distinguished alumni, Yuan T.Lee who the Novel Prize in chemistry in 1986.

  • international Exchange Programs with National Hsin Chu High School in Taiwan
  • educational programs