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Title  Awards of the Various Competition
Date  2012-05-16 13:08:05
Writer  이지희 Hit  1662

2012 Spring T.O.T Award

Following students got awarded in the 2012 Spring T.O.T (International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns), A-Level, High School Group: Cho Seo-bum (Silver Medal), Shim Woo-joo, Lee Jun-seop, Shin Min-seok (Bronze Medal), Go Se-jong (Participation Award). The T.O.T is one of the most renowned and prestigious math competition, along with IMO.



In the preliminary rounds for the 20th INEPO (International Environmental Project Olympiad), two 2nd grade students (Ju Mi-song, Yu Min-hyeok) were awarded with a silver medal. The topic was: Development of “eco-friendly device to make absorptive paper using Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG).


KYPT Award

In the 11th KYPT (Korea Youth Physics Tournament), one team composed of 4 students (Kim Ju-young, Lee Jae-myeong, Lee Yong-hyun, Ji Soo-yeon, Chae Soo-hwan) got a participation award.


Samsung Humantech Award

In the 18th Samsung Humantech award, 3 students (Kim Dong-gyun, Ahan Hyeong-joo, Lim Yun-hyeok) got a participation award. The topic of the research paper was “Interpretation of lift and drag change of the aerodynamic model in accordance with the aspect ratio of feathers.”

IOAA Korea Representative Selection

One student (Kim Ho-jun) from our school was chosen as the Korean representative for the IOAA (International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics), which will be held in Brazil in August, 2012.


DI Award

In the 2012 DI (Korea Destination ImagiNation), following teams of GBS students got various awards.

1. Silver medal: Trailblazer Team (Kang Byeong-bum, Lee Ah-young, Kim Yo-han, Kim Chang-hwan, Jeong Hae-chang, Cho Yu-rim)

2. Renaissance medal: SAT Team (Go Jae-ho, Park Woong, Seo Seong-chan, Jeon Ji-hyo, Jeong Se-young)

3. Participation medal: SUPCZ Team (Kang Min-su, Kim Ji-hoon, Kim Jin-gyu, Yoon Dong-hyeon, Lee Gyu-hyeok, Jeong Yoon-hee, Ju Mi-song)


In the 3rd KISEF (Korea International Science & Engineering Fair), two students (Jeong Hae-chang, Park Jun-hyeong) got a special award with the topic, “Speculation Suitable Place for Solar-light Power Generation Based on Satellite Remote Sensing.”

The 24th Korea Math Competition

Following students got various awards in the 24th Korea Math Competition.

1. 1st graders: Shim Gi-bo (Silver medal), Lee Seong-ho, Kang Jeong-wook (Participation medal)

2. 2nd graders: Lee Jun-seok (Silver medal), Shim Min-seok (Broze medal), Lee Yong-hyun, Seo Tae-ha, Ji Soo-yeon (Participation medal)


The 6th National Youth Science Competition

Following students got various awards in the 6th National Youth Science Competition

1. Silver medal: Lee Young-hyun, Lee Gyu-hyeok, Shim Gi-bo

2. Bronze medal: Park Jun-ha

3. Participation medal: Kim Seong-yeon, Chae soo-hwan, Kwon Mu-young, Oh Hae-chan, Ju Mi-song, Seo Tae-ha, Lee Gyeong-bok, Kim Sang-woo


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