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Title  Awards from international contests
Date  2013-03-05 20:45:06
Writer  길지수 Hit  371
File Awards from international contests.jpg 


1. In the 6th IOAA (International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics), which was held in Brazil in August, 2012, one student from GBS as a Korean representative got a bronze medal.

2. In the 2012 T.O.T (International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns), 3 students received awards, including one student who won a silver prize. The T.O.T is one of the most renowned and prestigious math competitions, along with IMO. Students at GBS are having noticeable success in various international competitions because of the curriculum provided by the school.


3.In the preliminary rounds for 2012 INEPO (International Environmental Project Olympiad), two students were awarded with a silver medal studying about “Development of Eco-Friendly Device to Make Absorptive Paper Using Spent Coffee.”



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